Olive Oil Soaps by Olivos, Turkey

Why we love it:

The Olivos plant is in the Western Part of Turkey – Izmir, the main industrial city of the Aegean Region. It is a big port for exportation, the heartland of natural and selected olive trees.

Olivos exports to more than 50 countries, including USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, Japan, Korea, Norway, Australia and Brazil.
OLIVOS Soap is natural, made to soothe the body, mind and soul, providing superb cleansing.

Fragrance: Gardenia,  Lavender,  Olive Oil,  Orchid,  Rose,  Violet,  Aloe Vera,  Apricot,  Daisy,  Daphne

Design: Luxury, Dominant color: Gold.

Suitable for: Men, Women, Babies, Kids, Family

Geographical Popularity: United States, Turkey

Olivos Baby Soap Powder Garments & Clothes 500g 17.6oz,
Olivos Best Mom in the World Soap 180g 6.35oz,
Olivos Camel Milk Soap 150g 5.3oz,
Olivos Goat Milk Soap 150g 5.3oz

Price Range: USD 0.60 to USD 35.90

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