Cosmetics by Helan, Italy

Why we like it:

Helan is an acronym made with the words HELios (sun) and ANimus (soul, spirit). Thus, Sun-filled Soul, signifying the clear spirit of the company, warm and full of energy like the sun, source of all life. Its products are made from natural raw materials treated with the scientific precision used in research laboratories, since 1976.

Fragrance: Rum, Vetivert, Mimosa, Lavender, Black Pepper, Nutmeg, Clove, Orange

Design: Original, Unique. Dominant color: Blue.

Suitable for: Men

Geographical Popularity: Italy

Helan Vetiver & Rum Eau De Toilette Cologne 100ml 3.4oz,
Helan Linea N.3 Green Clay Cake 100g 3.52oz,
Helan Vetiver & Rum Shaving Cream Foam 200ml 6.8oz

Price Range: USD 10.79 to USD 56.60

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