Dry Skin Solution by Glysolid, Germany

Why we love it:

Glysolid is easy to love because of its simplicity. It has only TWO active ingredients: glycerin and allantoin. If you are looking for an emmolient, soothing skin conditioner WITHOUT preservatives,colors and fragrances…this is IT!!!

Glysolid is the dry skin solution from Germany. Glysolid is formulated with only two active ingredients, Glycerin and Allantoin. The Glysolid products are vegan and fragrance free. This product line is perfect for sensitive skin AND the toughest areas of your body: hands, elbows, heels and knees. This product is thick, silky and smooth unlike most other lotions and creams. 

Fragrance:  Fragrance free

Design: A modern typeface which creates a strong identity that maintains its classic appeal and introduces more femininity. Dominant color: Red.

Suitable for: Men and Women

Geographical Popularity: United States, Germany

Glysolid Skin Balm Cream 30ml 1oz Tube,
Glysolid Skin Cream 200ml 6.76oz Jar,
Glysolid Skin Cream 75ml 2.54oz Tube

Price Range: USD 4.50  to USD 52.02

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