Face and Body Skin Care Products by Bebe Young Care, Germany

Why we like it:

We love that Bebe Young Care has a line of products that are made JUST for young people’s skin. These products are formulated to be especially mild for younger skin.

Bebe is a German company started over 50 years ago. Bebe Young care product line was specially designed to care for young skin. They now have a complete line of products for young skin, including facial care and body care.

Fragrance: Floral, Cherry, Vanilla, Rose

Design: Young, Dominant color: Pink.

Suitable for: Women, Girls

Geographical Popularity: United States, Germany

Bebe Lip Balm Intensive Care 4.9g 0.17oz,
Bebe Milk Body Lotion 400ml 13.52oz,
Bebe Shower Gel Dusch au Lait 250ml 8.45oz

Price Range: USD 7.00 to USD 27.70

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