Men’s Grooming Products by Layrite, USA

Why we love it:

We love Layrite’s modern take on the classic men’s grooming products. The original water-soluble pomade was made to fill a need for a non-greasy product. It stays in place all day, and washes out easily. This is a great line!

The Layrite brand was founded in 2000 in Southern California filling a need for a water-based pomade that did not make men’s hair greasy and difficult to style. Today, Layrite continues its focus on providing a “modernly classic” grooming product line.

Fragrance: Bay Rum, Mild Vanilla

Design: Each Layrite product is a modern take on a classic men’s grooming product.

Suitable for: Men

Geographical Popularity: United States

Layrite Super Shine Pomade Collection 3 Pack (3 x 4oz),
Layrite No. 9 Bay Rum Aftershave 4 oz Bottle,
Layrite Cement Matte Hair Clay 4oz

Price Range: USD 10.00  to USD 40.00

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