Personal Care Products by Borotalco, Italy

Why we love it:

Borotalco has a rich tradition that has continued with these traditional talc products. With their unique and refreshing scent, these products are generally good even for sensitive skin.It was actually an English guy, Sir Henry Roberts who fine tuned the original formula in 1904 while working at the pharmacy of the English Legation in Florence. Still today, after more than one century from its invention, Borotalco posses that unique scent that make it so pleasant and natural even to young generations. Give Borotalco a try!

The Borotalco talc has been used by the Italians since 1904. It is famous for its unique scent and green packaging and is an irreplaceable product for skin care. The fine, natural talcum powder is characterized by the unparalleled quality of its formulation, being used for its absorbent properties, refreshing and smoothing.

Fragrance: Refreshing, Dry, Musk, Original

Design: Classic Vintage. Dominant color: Green.

Suitable for: Men and Women

Geographical Popularity: United States, Italy

Borotalco Bath Soap Bar 100g 3.52oz,
Borotalco Body Powder – Talcum Bottle Shaker 100g 3.52oz,
Borotalco Hydrating Shower Gel 250 ml 8.4oz

Price Range: USD 4.55  to USD 37.50

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