Fragrances by B.U., France

Why we love it:

Fragrances by B.U. are easy to love- light fragrances that range from trendy to traditional. They are also affordable so why buy just one?

Fragrances by B.U. is a French company that has the mission of providing high quality fragrances at a competitive price. They also aim to be a brand of individulaity, offering a multitude of eau de toilettes and doedorant sprays to choose according to your mood. They offer such interesting scents such as Golden Kiss, My Secret, Heartbeat and Candy Love. 

Fragrance: Musk, Anise, Hazelnut, Peach, Citrus, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Orange, Lotus, Rose, Amber

Design: BU perfumes are designed for young and dynamic girls, leading unconventional lifestyles.

Suitable for: Women

Geographical Popularity: United States, France

B.U. Wild Eau de Toilette 50ml 1.7oz,
B.U. Fancy Cinderella Deodorant Body Spray 150ml 5oz,
B.U. Free Spirit Deodorant Natural Body Spray 75ml 2.5oz

Price Range: USD 7.08  to USD 19.24

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