Olive Oil Soaps by Zeyteen, Turkey

Why we love it:

Zeyteen’s soaps are formulated from 100% pure olive oil, nourishing your skin with vitamins A,D,E and K. Smell great, get clean, and have soft skin too!

Zeyteen soaps are produced in Edremit, Turkey, from only the higest qualilty pure, olive oil. This region of Turkey is known for a traditional oil soap culture that dates back to ancient times. Zeyteen Soaps are natural artisan products made to soothe the body, soul and mind. The soaps and packaging processes are all handmade, with 100% olive oil which contributes to a slight variation in the soaps color. Zeyteen Soaps are both beautiful and functional, being produced from 100% olive oil and natural fragrances. 

Fragrance: Gardenia, Clove, Lavender, Jasmine, Olive Oil, Orchid, Rose, Violet, Shea, Daisy, Honey

Design: Floral, Elegant

Suitable for: Men, Women, Babies, Kids, Family

Geographical Popularity: United States, Turkey

Zeyteen Elegance Olive Oil Turkish Daisy Soap 250g 8.8oz,
Zeyteen Elegance Olive Oil Turkish Gardenia Soap 250g 8.8oz,
Zeyteen Elegance Olive Oil Turkish Jasmine Soap 250g 8.8oz, Zeyteen Elegance Olive Oil Turkish Lavender Soap 250g 8.8oz

Price Range: USD 4.80  to USD 10.00

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